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Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do these babies go?

With the throttle wide open on a flat road, you’ll be cruising up to 20 MPH. On downhills, with the wind at your back, it’s likely you can go significantly faster—good thing our bikes are built with big, sturdy brakes to slow you down in a hurry! In addition, there are ways that you can modify the bikes to get them to go as fast as 30 MPH.

Are they easy to ride?

Wildsyde™ bikes are unique in the electric bike market in that our bikes are built with ease in mind. We're a group of die-hard cyclists that love pedaling our bikes, but when we want to cruise, we really want to cruise, so the Wildsyde™ bike are designed for comfort and require minimal effort to ride.

How far can I go?

About 20 - 35 miles on a single charge. Distance is going to depend on how much you let the bike do the work—how often you use the throttle, at what level you set the pedal assist, and the usual environmental factors of a bike ride (body weight & size, changes in elevation, direction of the wind)..

Can I ride it in the rain? What about the snow?

Wildsyde bikes can withstand rain and snow. If you plan on riding the Beast in wetter climates or muddy paths, we recommend installing the long fenders for added protection from the elements! The Beast’s tires can get you where you want to go even when there’s snow on the ground, but it’s always a good to use caution and take it slow in the turns!

How much can I carry on the bike?

Wildsyde bikes are built strong & sturdy. Our accessory racks can carry around 20 - 30 pounds.

How long to they take to charge?

They will fully charge overnight, about 7 hours.

Should I get the wide tires or narrow tires?

It depends on what you like! Some riders prefer the easy, lighter handling that comes with the narrower tires. Others love the versatility the wider tires offer, since they handle best off-road on sand, dirt, and snow.

Can I ride it on the beach

Our eCruisers love long rides on the beach. While the fat tires perform best, both styles ride smooth on hard-packed sand. After a cruise on the beach, it’s always a good idea to hose off the bike’s tires and frame to prevent any buildup of sand or saltwater.

What's the difference between a Class 1 and a Class 3 eBike?

In layman's terms, our eCruisers™ will come labeled and specified as Class 1 electric pedal assisted bikes. A bike is classified as Class 1 when it is less than 750W battery and has a speed limit governor of 20mph. A Class 2 bike has the same limits as a Class 1, with the addition of featuring a throttle. As a consumer, you are able to modify your Class 1 to a Class 3 bicycle if you please, with a simple adjustment to the programming. However, you must replace the stickers that come on the bike itself to showcase the new classification. If you do so, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will send you new Class 3 stickers!

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