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About Us


Wildsyde™ is a small company of motivated individuals who believe positive change is as easy as leading by example and offering for others to join in on the fun along the way. It’s not about forcing beliefs on anyone, it’s about showing them that there are alternatives to what they’ve known, and those alternatives can still provide a look, feel, and purpose that they love.


Wildsyde’s bikes promise to let riders go farther, faster, tackle hills with greater ease, and ride more—regardless of age or physical ability. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we sometimes want an easy cruise around town instead of grinding up the backside of a mountain. It’s a new mode of transport for all people, including those who might find barriers to traditional human-powered bikes.



Wildsyde™ eCruisers are made with industry-leading components and come with unparalleled customer service from our dedicated Wildsyde team. Our bikes aid the rider in arriving at their destination of choice, looking cool, calm, and eco-conscious, all at the same time. Owning a Wildsyde eCruiser is about more than just buying a bike—it’s about leading a lifestyle of adventure and comfort.


To encourage and incentivize people to ditch the car for the daily commute and running of errands and opt for fun. By providing a stylish alternative to the rather austere ebike market, we hope to bring enjoyment and spontaneity into your everyday routine. Wildsyde eCruisers represent the idea that a person can express their sense of style and take pride in their choice of transportation while also making eco-conscious choices.

So come and take a ride on the Wildsyde!



All the great people

President and owner

Wildsyde™ was founded by Paul Hields, the President and Owner of Sportube™ products, the World's #1 Hard Sided Ski, Snowboard and Fishing Travel Cases. He's been in the biz for 25+ years and knows how to design (and use) great products. Paul has been a passionate biker since he could first pedal around as a kid and continued throughout his life into road biking, mountain biking, and now; Vintage eCruisers.


Sales Coordinator

The newest addition to the team, Luisa handles social media and customer service. After a stint on the East Coast for college, she returned to the Colorado mountains and to all the activities they offer –biking, tele-skiing, backpacking, river trips—just to name a few! Dealing with a long-term ankle injury, Luisa was recently introduced to the world of E-bikes and she loves how far she can ride despite those pesky physical limitations.

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