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Who are the Wildsyders?

At Wildsyde
, we are avid outdoor enthusiasts who let's face it, like to have an easy cruise around town sometimes instead of grinding up the backside of a mountain. These vintage electric cruisers have been tried, tested and designed with adventure at its core and practicality at its forefront.

Our Founding

was founded by Paul Hields, the President and Owner of Sportube products, the World's #1 Hard Sided Ski, Snowboard and Fishing Travel Cases. He's been in the biz for 25+ years and knows how to design (and use) great products. Paul has been a passionate biker since he could first pedal around as a kid and continued throughout his life into road biking, mountain biking, and now; Vintage eCruisers.

Paul and his wife, Margo, bike religiously together in Colorado, Michigan, and even Europe, however, because of health issues (Margo had a heart transplant 25 years ago), she was never able to keep up! This is when Paul realized the beauty of the E-bike; it has not only helped Margo continue to bike with him but it has allowed them to run simple errands or go grab a beer in style without having to drive their car! Which brings us to the founding and future of Wildsyde
, the Vintage eCruisers.

The Shift to Adventure

The monotony and grind of everyday life and routine can become taxing. We understand that, so the team at Wildsyde has chosen to focus our energy on creating new experiences, making new memories and combating the everyday "design" that we as a society have shaped. We choose to opt outside, spend time with our family, our friends and our loved ones. We travel, explore, take on new challenges and aim to shake up the game. We are pursuing a dream.

The Shift to Practicality

Why drive to work when you could bike instead? At Wildsyde we strive to create new, innovative and stylish commuting options. Whether heading to work, the brewery, your favorite restaurant, your friends house, or the gym our vintage eCruisers can get you there in a timely and stylish manner. Perhaps you are interested in a beach cruise, a city cruise, a cruise through the country side or even better yet, the wine country side. Wherever your travels and adventures take you, we want to be a part of your journey along the way.

At Wildsyde
, we are embarking on an expedition that opens our minds to the simpler things in life. Allowing us to laugh, smile, and forget the everyday standards in order to design and blaze a new trail. We choose to be unique, we choose to be bold, we ride hard, ride fast and ride with a purpose. We want you to join us in this adventure to create a lasting and renewable future for all.

Take a Ride on the Wildsyde
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