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We have found an excellent source for all regulations and information for you city or states laws on electric bikes.

For example, in Colorado, "a person shall not knowingly modify an electrical assisted bicycle so as to change the speed capability or motor engagement of the electrical assisted bicycle without also appropriately replacing, or causing to be replaced, the label indicating the classification required."

In layman's terms, our eCruiserswill come labeled and specified as Class 1 electric pedal assisted bikes. A bike is classified as Class 1 when it is less than 750W battery and has a speed limit governor at 20mph. As a consumer, you are able to modify this to a Class 3 bicycle if you please, with a simple adjustment to the programming, however you must replace the stickers that come on the bike itself to showcase Class 3 and not Class 1. If you do so, please reach out to us at info@wildsyde.com and we will send you new stickers!

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